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Panic and that retreats mouth fell open at this time this and other terrible spell not only never seen never heard of. Imagine if he was angry with high hope for him this spell if the fight would be like in the case of his body the thought of standing here feeling his legs were a little shaky had barely leaning on the wall in order to support live. Gaowang back smiles: " retreats Shishu how come you have not started the war so scared." help for calm retreat straightened up and said: "I was just dizzy just blue." Gaowang chuckle loudly a stride into the lead into the round hole of that it is like inside the brightly lit day turned out to be a very large underground base looking to break into the high position but that is the air corridor of the iceberg. they just go already dark at gunpoint dozens of them is just a huge sound that drew special soldiers guarding the place. "fire!" As captain of the order under that almost automatic weapons in their hands while flames emerge countless bullets whistling to hit them in the huge sound and in the eyes of the high hope these bullets Like the fall of peanuts from the world. his rapid movement of hands shot hundreds of bullets knocked him not to be that he caught in his hand. soon bullets lighting gunfire has stopped the hole has been raised at the smoke ammunition when those special soldiers landed at the foot of horror found proportional to the high ground looking bullets and bullet casings they even magazine have forgotten the hurried retreat backwards. Gaowang trot towards them forming a kind of invisible pressure. "Chimei somewhere" "say it put you a way out! dr dre beats sale , home to Villa ratio there is a big difference is that his sentry. Although not as Lai Ka sentry everywhere but the master was very much this is a significant difference Wulin Shi home and family of the business. After upgrading to dodge the slender Tang and Yang Guang when they are almost sneaked whereabouts were found. dance palace under house arrest by the place is a relatively small independent hospital. Distance from the nearest building next to have more than one hundred meters and now both of them crouched in a tree on the side of the building. In the usual manner the Don slender grasp barely crossed over there without being master of ambush found but today I do not know how it happened as if he knew someone came to visit the same. number master suddenly doubled but which also lack truly master class. probably proved the case Don slender feel to their dodge. Is in any case impossible not to be found in the case of latent past the involuntary eye saw Yang Guang's face. Yang Guang constantly in the minds of the various methods of virtual face look natural there is no past laughing revealing a mature man of taste. Tang Yang Guang slender look to see this. Help stunned surprised a moment to the side of the mouth then even tell. "I think the other way. dr dre beats on sale "you met last night right" Blue Line to sit down veterans asked. "ah " blue line answer the man just nodded. "he Jiaowu leisurely is my most capable assistant is one of my strongest men Times Herald the reason I want you to know each other because this second task that requires you to go to complete." veterans the blue line said. "My first task is not to fail last night " veterans did not wait for the blue line finished Interface said:. "Yesterday the task to you I know the task will fail so leisurely Wu secretly track your faction to help you start the last minute." "Oh " blue line just came round smiled and said: "Wuxiong some very strong ability I was finally rescued only then that the drug lords I did not expect to monitor every move of still Wuxiong next. " "Your every move is monitored under his right but his ability is not strong and your ability than it really is weak to the extreme." help veterans Wu leisurely answer although the blue line then leisurely Wu said but personally really do not like to talk he knows all the problems the blue line the veterans will help him answer. "weak extreme" blue line can not believe it. "His ability to predict just Eclass and your class A weak compared to a lot of ability level and this ability to predict and can not have any help for his actions." "predictable" blue line with the point of interest. veterans watched a leisurely Wu explains: "ability to predict can make him see your future looks like because the physical constraints Wu leisurely currently only see the way you two hours later two hours after You are dead or alive he can see but see only the appearance as you why injuries or death he does not know. " "That was great at least his ability to avoid a lot of accidents Wuxiong certainly often a good luck." Blue Line are all envious said. beats by dr dre, everyone filed a second extreme mental cliff came loose gravel voice I do not hear from the nervous. Although the training but I also know that this training method and called on Earth before the devil training makes no difference. I now live in an environment no one tried to challenge the limits of this training method my ultimate goal is to discover the limits of these people so that they become a real special forces. day training until the end of the month to hang in genius although not take much force but for me this body or some can not afford to consume.

Shop Cheap beats by dr dre, half an hour ago Wu leisurely a fist fight found himself not hear any sounds associated with him he did not wake up the blue line but turn on the TV sit and think about the possibility of change begin dumb. "What is the problem we get dumb" blue line wrote that he had not a pen to write write something crooked like a drop of only flies feet. "No it is sent to our voice and hear the voice of the time difference." "time difference" blue line just finished he heard himself shouting. this a few times "howl" really earth shaking blue line their own hearts are scared scared he had to plug his ears. "This is entirely in the butcher." Wu wrote slowly leisurely. can not empty the blue line on the paper and Wu leisurely fight everyone rushed in everyone looked blankly lying on the table to write the two men do not know that just sounds terrible what is meant by the expression . Wu leisurely greet everyone to sit down and just woke up a few people and soon to know where they stand. "This is someone else's ability" Yan Yan wrote. "This capability should be called 'confusion of time' which limits our ability to speak though not dumb but I was saying there were no sense." Wu leisurely word is very beautiful. Say the words have no meaning What is strange ability What is the role of this capability First the most serious consequence is that in the face of the enemy Wu leisurely judgment even then fast it is impossible to express his meaning everyone will surely mess the enemy can easily find everyone weaknesses. Second even if there is no enemy appeared confusion this time will give you the inconvenience of life communication has become a big problem. "Although this ability can not hurt our bodies but for us a great psychological impact must be lifted as soon as possible. beats by dr dre " Gentle pulling smiling walked Haiqinwan Yang Guang cheap beat headphones " "Wake up! Liu Yu! Come on wake up!" Liu Yu a voice awakened from a nightmare over he suddenly stood up and shoved into the sky but to see Zheng readers are holding an incense standing next to him until he woke up Zheng readers will immediately That incense to exterminate the remaining part instantly disappeared in his hands watching the way he seems to be very careful in this fragrant general. "alright Zheng upbraid exhaled road. Liu Yu saw that he was lying in the open space of the road lying beside his position is a taxi and then sitting or standing around quite a few individuals the remaining members of the team are Zhongzhou. Liu Yu immediately spoke and said: "how do I not on the taxi would be how I hit it I swear it was his way I will never admit!" Zheng upbraid shook his head and said: "We do not know what happened but we are now back to the beginning of the tall town." Liu Yu quickly looked around to go out and she saw a tall town familiar streets now the sky is almost dusk this street looks as if gold cast in general is full of golden afterglow of sunset before falling. "would not it We are not yet traveled to the big city Why it will come back to this town impossible! This can not be!" Liu Yu suddenly exclaimed again. Zheng readers stood up after the taxi that went above and said: "We really are in a taxi to go to the big city but to the half way after we met the devil Forui Di he became our driver and also attacked me but fortunately I had to kick him kicked out which crashed into a taxi on the street barricades car startled before I woke up and then I found everyone asleep while we stopped at the beginning of this small town. " the few taxis could not see the driver next to a taxi which has really hit the mark Liu Yu sat carefully to see his bike taxi which turned on the glass of a window also appeared scratches then everything before it really a dream Or is the reality of things just as was their dream Seeing Liu Yu Zheng upbraid awake over he did not have time to go to ignore this new boy just went over there Chu Xuan said: " also saw the devil you do." and Chu Xuan who is sitting in the same car and Xiao Cheng Hsiao law in addition to Chu Xuan and the remaining two are pale nodded frowning only Chu Xuan said: "I was asleep but No hypnotic dream or I can certainly play a role in the mechanism if he dared to enter my dream that things fun Zheng readers hear a cold heart but he just went through this in front of the grotesque but who knows Chu Xuan did not fear but hope the devil Forui Di into his dream so he has no idea what how to say to it. Shop Discount beats by dr dre Treat Yourself to a Great Holiday with her. " Chun Tao thought. Laughed: "If hi to her how she fell together without leaving Men rush out together" These three women at home. No day without a quarrel but fortunately a small nine sent a car festival.