Chairman's Messange:

It is my great honour to be elected Chairman of the BS Division for Session 2019/2020.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Past Chairmen for their exceptional leadership, and to our Committee Members for their dedication to adding value to our Division year in and year out.

As we have entered the digital era, new technological developments, together with digitalisation, have provided more opportunities for incorporating smart solutions into our daily lives, work and public environment. In the BS Division, we are committed to organising a wide variety of events for our fellow members to keep them abreast of innovative and smart new building services technologies and applications. We will also organise joint activities with other divisions of the HKIE and affiliated organisations with common goals.

Moreover, the development of the Greater Bay Area will create favourable conditions for diversifying Hong Kong’s industries, in particular for promoting innovation and technological development. This will bring numerous new opportunities to our members. In this regard, the theme of our annual Hong Kong Joint Symposium 2019 will be innovations for smart performance buildings in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.

Grooming young engineers is also one of our key long-term initiatives. We will continue to actively support and promote STEM education in schools, from primary to junior secondary levels, as well as to parents via various activities with support from the Young Members Committee and Student Liaison Group.

Another focus is to promote female participation in the building services engineering industry. We have recently established a Women in Building Services Engineering Group to provide a platform for aiding the development of women engineers in building services industry. We will collaborate with other professional bodies to hold a sharing session for female engineers to share their experiences and views on working in the engineering field.

With the dedicated and unfailing support of the Committee Members, I am confident that our planned activities will continue to create value for our members. I look forward to receiving your continuous support and participation in enabling our Division to reach new heights.

Ir Dr Anthony C W Lo
Building Services Division
Session 2019/2020