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  23/02/2017 Technical Seminar on LVPD Sys In accord' with Latest International Std and Local Req'
  17/02/2017 Technical Visit to Smart Grid Experience Centre
  13/02/2017 [報告] 樂在釣魚翁-遠足文化一天遊
  13/02/2017 Joint Technical Seminar on Energy Efficiency Requirements for Lighting Installations under BEC2015
  10/02/2017 2017晉港建築設備工程技術交流會
  10/02/2017 Water Conference 2017 ON Enhancing Water Management in Buildings
  07/02/2017 Technical Forum on Energy Technology and Innovation on for Smart Hong Kong
  26/01/2017 BS One Day Seminar 2017 “Smart Building Solutions”
  25/01/2017 Technical Visit to ZCB
  23/01/2017 Joint Technical Visit to The District Cooling System in Kai Tak
  20/01/2016 [報告]「足」得到的歷史:文化生態一天遊
  09/12/2015 [Report] Joint Technical Seminar Green Ventilation Technique in small-to-medium size space
  09/12/2015 [報告] 遊走醇醨: 夢醉葡萄
  30/10/2015 [Report] Joint Technical Seminar on Design of Safety Protection for Escalator
  09/10/2015 [Report] Joint Comprehensive Certificate Course on HVAC&R Systems in Buildings 2015
  09/10/2015 [Report] Technical Seminar on the art of sub-contracting: Contractual issues you wish you knew then
  11/07/2015 [報告] 龍·港 2015 建築設備工程技術交流研討會
  10/06/2015 Building Services Blog 8 (Session 2014 - 2015) - Smart City
  06/05/2015 Building Services Blog 7 (Session 2014 - 2015) - Preparing our future BS engineer in Green Economy
  23/04/2015 [Report] Technical Talk on “Chilled Ceilings / Beams – Working Principles & Applications
  03/04/2015 Building Services Blog 6 Performance indicator for building services installations
  06/03/2015 Building Services Blog 5 - Net Zero Energy Buildings
  19/06/2012 HKIE BSD 25th Anniversary Booklet - E-book
  07/07/2010 Report on Annual Inter-Institutional Sporting Tournament 2010