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  14/05/2018 LEED v4 EA Credits CX in Building O&M : Introduction to MBCx
  03/05/2018 HKAEE Technical Visit 2018 Energy Engineering at Shenyang, Liaoning Province, PRC
  20/02/2018 [報告]康柏郊遊徑導賞+香港墳場探索之旅
  21/07/2017 [報告] 晉·港 2017建築設備工程技術交流研討會
  07/06/2017 Research Study Report - Towards Adoption of BIM in Building Services Engineering in Hong Kong
  13/02/2017 [報告] 樂在釣魚翁-遠足文化一天遊
  07/07/2010 Report on Annual Inter-Institutional Sporting Tournament 2010