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Report on Annual Inter-Institutional Sporting Tournament 2010


Annual Inter-Institutional Sporting Tournament 2010

By Mr. Ernest Tsang and Ms. Sally Leung


        The Annual Inter-Institutional Sporting Tournament 2010 was successfully held on 19 June 2010 at Siu Lek Yuen Road Playground.  It is an annual sport and social event co-organized by HKIE-BSD, ASHRAE-HKC, CIBSE-HKB and IFE-HK.  This year, the event was led by CIBSE-HKB. The co-organisers had chosen lawn bowl for the tournament of this year.

        The event was divided into three parts, namely a training session for all players, three matches for each institution and a fan game for Chairmen.  Ir Clarence Mak, Ir Dr. Jacob Yiu, Ir KT Cheuk, Ms. Sally Leung and Mr. Ernest Tsang represented BSD to participate in the competition.

        In the training session, tutors introduced the fundamental rules and basic skills regarding lawn bowl.  After that all players had about 20-minute practicing time before the competition. Despite that the temperature was over 30?C and under bright sunshine; all players had shown enthusiasm about their matches.  After three matches, HKIE-BSD became the first runner-up of the competition.  Whereas, IFE-HK was the champion, and ASHRAE-HKC was the second runner-up.

        In the Fun Game for Chairmen, our past chairman, Ir Clarence Mak on behalf of BSD took part in the game.  Ir Dominic Cheung from IFE-HK won the champion.  The competition finished at about noon. All the participants had a better understanding on lawn bowl and enjoyed a wonderful morning. During lunch time, members had casual sharing and expressed the possibilities of future co-operation.  This tournament provided opportunities for our members to exercise and enhance the friendship among all the four institutions. HKIE-BSD would be the leading organiser for the tournament in 2011. We look forward to organizing the annual competition next year.

A group photo for the participants from HKIE-BSD, ASHRAE-HKC, CIBSE-HKB and IFE-HK.


Ms. Sally Leung, Ir Dr. Jacob Yiu, Ir KT Cheuk, Ir Clarence Mak and Mr. Ernest Tsang represented BSD in the tournament




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