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Building Services Blog 3 - Women in Building Services Engineers


The engineering field was dominated by males in the past. There is a gradual change in recent years. The number of female youngsters studying engineering faculty and entering the industry after graduation has been increased progressively. Building services engineering is one of the fields (among other engineering disciplines) that can attract relatively more female engineers. This may be attributed by promotion, career and training opportunities. Graduates (no matter males or females) from building services stream have sufficient choices to select (Clients, Consultants, Contractors, Equipment Suppliers, Government Departments, Management Companies, Property Developers, Public Utilities, etc). While there are many options for students, it is quite competitive for fresh graduates nowadays.

For me, I am very lucky to join a renowned consultancy firm after graduation and granted with valuable chances to experience and train up. In fact, there is no difference between two sex groups (in terms of work capability, quality and analytical mindset). In addition, females are generally more mindful, attentive, considerate with better communication and presentation skills. It is observed that a higher percentage of female graduates and engineers have been employed in different engineering firms (including construction sites) when compared with past decades. The role of building services engineers become more challenging in the industry (multi-disciplinary knowledge, flexible character, presentation and communication skills) while mega and complex projects become popular nowadays. Continuous training and improvement are required to keep pace with this ever changing world.

It is good to note that that the number of female professionals has been increasing. It is great that the theme of our President for this Session is “Inspire the Young”. Look forward to seeing more young female force mingle with engineering sector and more seniors in various engineering aspects will be recruited with females in the future.

[This article is contributed by Ms. Sally Leung. If you would like to know more about this topic, please contact the Division Hon Secretary, Ir Brian Cheng, at brian_cheng@cohl.com]




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