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[Report] Technical Seminar on Smart Building Energy Management System


By Ir Chan Mong Wah, Mannix and Ir Leung Suk Yan, Sally

The BS Division held a “Technical Seminar on Smart Building Energy Management System” right after the Annual General Meeting on 25th April 2019 with Ir CHAN Chi-fai, Paul from CLP Power Hong Kong Limited and Ir LAM Yiu-wa, Stanley from CLPe Solution Limited joined as speakers. The objectives of the seminar are to promote energy saving through introduction of Smart Building Energy Management System (SBEMS) and to increase the awareness for combating climate change and reduction on carbon footprint in buildings.

The first part of the seminar was presented by Ir LAM who started by explaining the technology behind SBEMS, which is a cloud-based platform backed-up by a proprietary Artificial IntelligentEngine to perform data analytics and deliver intelligence by acquiring live data from Internet of Things sensors, equipment, and systems. He then elaborated on how SBEMS can enhance management and maintenance efficiency in buildings by turning time-consuming, labour-intensive processes to automated ones through machine learning.

After that, Ir CHAN shared about the application of SBEMS on CLP Sham Shui Po Centre (SSPo Centre). Ir CHAN firstly listed out all the existing Building Management System limitations in SSPo Centre such as no alert signal is given, extensive time is required for investigation of defects and no energy consumption analysis in daily operation. He also discussed how Facility Managers are hindered by these limitations, thus, resulting in low effectiveness in managing energy use.

In order to overcome the above-mentioned limitations, a pilot trial of the SBEMS was conducted in SSPo Centre. Ir CHAN explained the different stages of the project and expanded on the processes involved in each stage. The performance of SBEMS was assessed based on 4 major categories, namely energy saving, customer satisfaction, system reliability and productivity enhancement. Ir CHAN concluded that results of the pilot trial proved that it was successful both technically and commercially. 

Finally, participants actively exchanged views on SBEMS. It was an inspiring sharing session (with full house attendance) for engineers to consider adopting SBEMS in the future.  We would like to express our sincere thanks to speakers and participants for this successful event.




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