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[Report] Technical Seminar on Retro-Commissioning on Chiller Plant


Reported By: Ir Keith WP YUE

An inspiring seminar “Retro-Commissioning on Chiller Plant” was presented by Ir Victor LEUNG on 15 October 2019.  Ir Victor LEUNG is an experience specialist in HVAC system and is enthusiastic in application of automatic control and retro-commissioning to improve building energy efficiency. It was more than full house attended by over 110 participants. 

In the Seminar, Ir LEUNG briefed the scope, objective, cause and benefit of retro-commissioning. He outlined that significant energy savings can be contributed by carefully operating chiller plant equipment at their optimum operating conditions.  He then gave on in-depth analysis on energy saving benefit by optimizing operating parameters such as chilled/condensing water supply/return temperature difference, VSD cooling tower approach temperature and chilled water supply pressure etc.

He also elaborated that the correct type and installed location of control valves, sensors and flow meters will affect effectiveness of automatic demand control.  He highlighted the improved energy saving opportunities of chiller plant operating at various periods and seasons. A case study with assessment of operating efficiency for a variable speed chiller plant was introduced and daily variation of chiller plant energy efficiency was reduced after retro-commissioning process despite increased daily cooling variation during summer that indicated increased effectiveness of chiller plant automatic control to maximize operating energy efficiency.

A question-and-answer session was conducted after the presentation, and participants were impressed by the insights brought by Ir LEUNG.

On behalf of the HKIE BSD and participants, Ir Keith YUE presented a certificate of appreciation to Ir LEUNG for his support and presentation that make the seminar very successful.




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